Beatri Nel

Beatri Nel is a professional fine art photographer and painter with a special fascination for small details. She also tries to encompass the contrast between darkness and light,
both in the physical and the emotional sense of the relationship. She has a very unique and conceptual style that typically evolves with her as she works.
Due to her style and artistic abilities, many of the artworks she often creates change repeatedly as she strives for their perfection.



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Beatri Nel Art

Beatri Nel Art

Our Testimonials

Beatri Nel is best described as a gatherer of natural light and moments...creating artistic photographs that connects people with their lives and connect their lives with their world. She doesn't simply take photographs of objects or subjects, but use multiple photos to create one artistic photograph which stimulates the imagination and at the same time reflect passion, compassion, truth and honesty.

~ Laubar Art Gallery

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